Every Morning you have two choices:
Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up & chase them. Status Plus Founder Maurice Williams a Long Island native had determination running through his soul since pioneering Status Plus on the playground. When realizing that dreams are free,
but the hustle was sold separately Entrepreneur & founder Maurice Williams launched the Status Plus brand.
Known as the King of Swagg recognizing that good things come to those who hustle.
Inspired his vision & drive to create his own unique clothing collection called Status Plus Fashions.
Which is a line based on Bright Lights & City Nights. Our famous slogan is simple "Even on your worst day your Status is Plus".
Williams hopes Status Plus will help others live their dreams, create their own future & always rock Status Plus.

Status Plus Productions is an a establishment of a lifestyle through a street dreamers eyes. Showing you have to get your Status Plus Even on your worst day.
Without losing your character your drive and your determination.
Because I believe everything in this world is to acquire status, plus more that my status is plus.